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More than JA$200 Million in Awards and Settlements

Jason Jones has been involved in several multi-million dollar cases since being called to the bar. His track record shows that he has had out of court settlements and awards from the courts in Jamaica amounting to in excess of JA$200,000,000.00.

In 2013 Mr. Jones also represented a land owner who filed a claim against Claro (a former mobile telephone provider) for trespassing on her property. The court awarded in excess of JA$18,000,000.00 to the land owner.
In 2014 Jason Jones represented a Customs Tally Officer who developed chronic myeloid leukemia as a result of his exposure to hazardous substances while at work. This was the first reported cancer case which was successfully argued in the Supreme Court of Jamaica.The court awarded almost JA$100,000,000.00 in damages to the Claimant.
Again in 2016 Jason Jones represented an elderly Pump Attendant who developed lung cancer as a result of his exposure to cement dust and wet concrete at work. This was the second reported cancer case which was successfully argued in the Supreme Court of Jamaica (Mr. Jones having argued the first reported successful cancer case 2 years prior). The court awarded in excess of JA$25,000,000.00.
In 2016 Jason Jones also represented a Fireman who sustained injuries while he was attending to a fire. The court awarded in excess of JA$8,000,000.00 to the Fireman.
In 2016 Mr. Jones also represented a client who was falsely imprisoned by Police Officers and his motor bike was confiscated. He was not brought before the court until 14 days later. The court awarded approximately JA$6,000,000.00 to the Claimant.

S. Fergusona Vs Ameco Caribbean Inc. and K. Dixon

This judgment was orally delivered on the 13th November 2014. By Notice of Application filed on the 6th October 2014, the 1st Defendant seeks to have a judgment in a default set aside and time expended for the filing of its Acknowledgement of Service and Defence. The Notice states the grounds for the application rather concisely…

A. Morgan Vs The Attorney General and The Commissioner of The Fire Brigade

On or about September 15, 2007, the Claimant was scheduled to work on the 10:00 pm to 7:00 am shift. At approximately 10:40 pm the Portmore Fire Station received a call from the Spanish Town Fire Station to aid in the extinguishing of a fire that was engulfing a tree on a premise on Johns Road, in the parish of Saint Catherine. The claimant and his colleagues were required to mount the fire truck and project the water towards the fire which was in the top of the tree.

V.M. Simmonds Vs The Jamaica Co-Operative Credit Union

Mrs. Virginia McGowan Simmonds fell from a chair and suffered personal injury. She has brought a claim for damages. During the process of disclosure the Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League Limited (‘JCCU’) filed a list of documents which revealed that an in August 2012 an investigator’s report, connected to the fall, was prepared for the defendant by Vision Adjusters Limited. Mrs. McGowan Simmonds has filed an application asking for specific disclosure of this report. JCCU says that the document is privileged. This court has to decide whether the report is privileged and therefore immune from disclosure.

F. Henry Vs G.D. Ranglin, Nipo-Line Limited, Nipo-Line Auto Imports Limited and A. Ranglin

Jacqueline Cummings instructed by Archer Cummings for the Claimant Nigel Jones, Jason Jones, and Zavia Mayne instructed by Nigel Jones and Company for the 1St, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th defendants.

The court finds it more than a little unpalatable to adjudicate upon a.
document the product of the devil’s draftsman. The veneer of moneylending jargon which clads the agreements is as efficacious as Adam’s fig leaf. The enforcement of these contracts would be inexorable if unwitting,  the legitimization of what was prima facie an AIS. The pernicious socioeconomic consequences to the public of so doing are incalculable. The peace, order and good governance of the state must be of fundamental concern to the state and the public as a whole. These principles and standards are not promoted by a scheme, the probable consequence of which is an injury to the public.

R. Taylor Vs The Commissioner of Customs, Kingston Wharves Limited and The Attorney General of Jamaica

The life of Radcliffe Taylor (the claimant) changed drastically following his exposure to a dangerous chemical on Thursday, February 19, 2004. Mr. Taylor was then 26 years old and was employed at the Jamaica Customs Department as a customs tally officer. He sustained injuries during the course of his employment when he inhaled a hazardous substance on the premises of Kingston Wharves Limited. This seemingly minor incident eventually caused him to develop Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML).

The matter involved a damaged container on board a ship. He was among the persons called to inspect the container and remove drums from it. The ship’s cargo was said to contain chemicals known as Dimethoate Tech 98%. Foul odours were emanating from the unopened container and it was suspected that the chemicals in the cargo might be dangerous.

Court Awards $75m To Labourer Who Lost Hand In Quarry Mishap

Three years after he lost his right hand during an incident at a quarry where he worked in Yallahs, St Thomas, Gregory Gilchrist has been awarded almost $75 million by the Supreme Court.

“Me feel good that me ah go get some money as me deh yah a suffer right now. Mi tired and hungry and me have three pickney fi mind and me caan help none of them. Me have to get something out of this because me can’t just live so,” Gilchrist told The Sunday Gleaner after the court handed down a default judgment last week.

In The Supreme Court Of Judicature Of Jamaica

Mr. Jason Jones and Miss Tiffany Barrett instructed by Nigel Jones and Co. for the claimants, Miss Raquel Dunbar instructed by Dunbar and Co. for the defendants

These consolidated claims arise out of an incident that took place on the 20th of November 2013 along the Trinity main road in the parish of St Mary. The claimants are seeking damages for negligence as a result of injuries received by each of them, against the first and second defendants. The defendants are seeking contribution and/or indemnity against the ancillary defendant. The accident involved three motor vehicles; a Toyota Coaster motor truck (hereinafter referred to as the Coaster), a Toyota Hiace Motor truck, which will be referred to as the Hiace, and a Toyota Corolla motor car, hereinafter called the Corolla.

Court rules in favour of woman who sued Claro

Oceanic Digital, the operator of Claro in Jamaica (before it was sold to rival mobile telephone provider, Digicel) is expected to shell out more than J$18 million to a St Catherine property owner, who had filed a lawsuit against the mobile provider.

On Friday, High Court judge,  Bryan Sykes, rejected an application by Oceanic Digital, to set aside a J$18 million default judgement, entered against the company, in favour of the claimant, Dawn Davis, last year.

The default judgement was entered last year after Oceanic Digital failed to file a defence against the lawsuit filed by Davis’ attorneys Nigel Jones & Company.

The attorneys had sued the company in 2010, for trespassing on the property of their client in Bignum Mountain in the central parish of St Catherine. Davis had reported, that in 2000, the mobile provider, cut a road through her property, in order to access one of its cell towers. This sparked a dispute and the matter ended up in court in 2010.

The decision by Justice Sykes, to reject the application to set aside the default judgement, means that the company has to pay the J$18 million judgement.

It’s unclear whether Oceanic Digital will be appealing the decision.

Supeme Court Awards $9 Million to KCT Employee Injured on the Job

Published: Monday | August 24, 2015, | 6:03 PM

The Supreme Court has ordered Kingston Container Terminal Services Limited to pay $9 million in damages to its employee, Ryan Henry, who suffered injuries while he was at work on March 10, 2007.

Henry, who was a stevedore, fell from a crane on a ship and suffered severe spinal whiplash injury.

He now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the injuries.

In his claim, Henry contended that the crane was faulty.

The defendant did not deny liability and the matter was set down on March 3, 2013 for assessment of damages.

Doctors who had treated Henry testified at the hearing.

After hearing evidence, acting Supreme Court Judge Lorna Shelly-Williams awarded Henry $5 million with interest for general damages.

Henry, who was represented by attorneys Nigel Jones and Jason Jones, was also awarded $1.1 million for post-traumatic stress disorder.

He was further awarded $2 million for handicap on the labour market as he can no longer work as stevedore.

Additionally, Henry was awarded special damages of $3.7 million, which includes $3.5 million for loss of income.

The judge also awarded him $300,000 for legal costs.

The defendant was represented by attorney at law Brian Moodie, instructed by the law firm Samuda and Johnson.

R. Henery Vs Kingston Container Terminal Defendant Services Limited

On March 10, 2007, the Claimant suffered injuries whilst at work on the defendant’s premises. Claim Form and Particulars of Claim were filed on August 18, 2011, by the Claimant and the Defendant filed and served an Acknowledgment of Service and Defence limited to quantum. The Claimant filed a Request for Judgment on Admission and Judgment on Admission on September 28, 2012. The court entered the said Judgment on Admission dated March 3, 2013. The Claimant is seeking General Damages, Special Damages, and cost.

C. Reid Vs A. Aarons, W. Wilson, and S. Wright

This claim has been brought by the claimants, against the defendants, for damages for breach of statutory duty and negligence, arising from a traffic accident which occurred on the Minard Main Road in St. Ann, on May 15, 2010. The defendants have alleged contributory negligence on the part of the 1st claimant and contributory negligence would, if proven by the defendants, constitute a partial defence to the claimants’ claims, both for breach of statutory duty and negligence. The 2nd defendant has also filed an ancillary claim against the 1st defendant seeking an indemnity or contribution from him, in the event that he is held liable to pay damages to the 2nd claimant.

S. Bell Vs The Attorney General of Jamaica

On November 5, 2010, the claimant was driving his motorcycle when he was pulled over by police officers who stopped and searched him then confiscated his license, bike, and helmet. The police officers detained him and he was later arrested and charged; he was given no reason for his arrest. It was not until November 19, 2010, before he was charged with illegal possession of firearm and taken to court, and on February 24, 2011, granted bail. On August 15, 2012, when the matter came up for trial, the prosecution offered no evidence against him and the charges were dismissed. A firearm was never recovered.

$36-m judgement

A motorist who lost control of his vehicle and hit an 18-year-old woman three years ago, leaving her without full function in her left arm and barely able to walk, has been ordered to pay a $36.2-million judgement.

Jonel Francis, who is now 22 years old, was victorious in the lawsuit filed against Sheldon Bryan after her lawyer, Jason Jones, successfully argued that the defendant was driving fast and in a negligent manner.

Sue Them! - Lawyers Advise Motorists To Take Action If Their Vehicles Are Damaged While Being Towed

Motorists whose vehicles are damaged while being removed by wrecker operators are being encouraged to seek legal recourse for the damages.

Veteran attorney-at-law Bert Samuels and his younger colleague, attorney Jason Jones, last week agreed that the municipal councils, and the wrecker companies they employ to tow vehicles, are obligated to ensure that the vehicles are handled with care during the process.

“Although you are parked in violation of the law, they still have a duty of care to make sure your vehicle is in good condition, the very condition in which it was when they lifted it,” Samuels told The Sunday Gleaner.

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Mr. Jones is a leading Attorney-at-Law located in the heart of St. Andrew. He is a fierce advocate who achieves top results for his clients. He was admitted to the bar in January 2009 after successfully completing his Bachelor of Law Degree and Certificate in Legal Education.